Day 5 and 6 – settle

I slept well last night for the first time. The noise from the traffic only wakes me in the morning around six and the call to prayer just after four but both times I am able to go back to sleep. I’m settling in this home. Progress.

Yesterday we had a delicious dinner then sat in the main room, relaxing. Wildcard has a particular place where he lies, and I have taken to sitting at his feet end. He will stretch his legs out to touch me, and I will shuffle closer so he can rest them on my lap. He will then watch something on his phone and I will sketch or listen to music, one hand absent-mindedly stroking his skin. At times, he rubs me with the soles of his feet or kicks me gently in a jiggling motion so I look at him. When I turn back to my phone he does it again. If I stand up he clamps me with his feet. It is all these little things that I love as we settle into this new way of being together.

Ok, I’m lying a little. I love everything. His smell when I walk into his room. The sound of the door when he comes home. The sound of his flipflops as he walks to my room in the morning. The glint in his eyes when he teases me. The way he winks at me. His soft, soft kisses. His laughter when he watches something funny. Resting my head on his chest. The way we entwine our legs together when we cuddle. Him kicking or slapping my bottom when he follows me up the stairs. I love everything.

I’m so glad that I am here for another week. One isn’t enough.

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