Day ? (9) – glow

I’ve lost track of days. I left Sunday so today is day 9, Monday

Day 7…well. I wrote a post but didn’t publish. Short story…I sulked, he joked, we kissed and made up. And that’s all I’m going to say.

Yesterday we had an amazing day. He drove us three hours to the beach. It was such a fabulous day and I loved every second. We had a boat ride and a walk through the busy market. I paddled on the beach but Wildcard was scared I would get swept away if I swam. And I glowed every time he grabbed my hand as we crossed the road, or rested his hands on my waist for just a minute, or called me baby in front of his parents. Not just because each one of these things showed affection but even more because he probably shouldn’t do them but he does .

When we got home, tired and hungry, we ate and laughed together…me and his mum teasing him. I loved that too.

Today was another good day, apart from planning my return flights. With a week to go, I needed to confirm bookings and transport and it was a sombre moment. But he was affectionate and loving, not letting me leave him, kissing me.

Think is, I don’t want to leave him.


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