Trip four: Day two

I’m hungry. Urgh.

I have a 25 minute wait until my gate opens. The airport is busy, even at 6am, and I have found a comfortable spot I don’t want to relinquish. Oh, the trials of solo travel.

I slept fitfully last night, in part due to the strange room, and the rest due to noise and knowing I needed to get up at 4.30am.

A lot of the darkness has cleared however, knowing grief, which unfortunately I do, it will come again… but I’m safe for now.

I feel pretty today. I’m wearing a baby pink jumper with a cut out back, comfy jeans and black pumps. Somehow, washing my hair in whatever Holiday Inn provided in the shower has defined my natural curls. I feel cute. I’m just hoping that this lasts until 4pm when I finally arrived at my destination.

I remember speaking once to my London friend, and her saying that she hoped her boyfriend realised the difficulties of getting over there. In truth, neither he nor Wildcard have any idea. Searching for dates and tickets, getting time off, sorting kids and household and pets, insurance, currency, covid tests, train tickets, hotels. And then, for me, a day and a half of travel. Unfortunately, there is no direct route to his city from the north of England, so I have to travel to London or get connecting flights. It so happens that on this trip, to maximise the short time I am there, I’ve had to get a connecting flight anyway.

I will be honest, I wanted to throw this is his face last night when we had our little bicker. I didn’t, because I knew the bickering was my fault. Plus, he would retort that it was my choice to come, and my choice to come now. Which is true.

Yesterday, tired-grieving me allowed herself to fall into the always-unhelpful pity party which is: it is not like it was when I first came.

Of course it isn’t. It never can be. No, he didn’t message me constantly yesterday, but he was working and he didn’t the first time I came. I allowed that, and a simple and innocent comment from him (do you want me to go whilst you are eating?) To build into a sulky spat which caused an upset. Ah well. All is OK now.

And they have just called us to board early. Result!

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