Food and life

Food is my life and my life sentence. I love baking and cooking. I love cookery books, full of interesting flavours and combinations. I love cookery programmes and competitions which feed my passion for new ideas and flavours. Food is my hobby. I love cooking for people: a simple dinner, a three course special occasion […]


I’ve got to nothing to say. Nothing to give. No answers. No insights. None. So, Each day, Each and every day, I’m going to try to live my life With love in my heart Light in my eyes And hope that life can be good.


I think that finally after six years of knowing him, I’m getting over Lost Soul. It’s been a hidden process; one that my heart has undertaken whilst my mind has whirred on. I think it is the reason why my eating has not been good and why I’ve not felt myself. Saturday night, my sister […]


I’ve had a good weekend. Friday I came home pretty exhausted but then I spent the evening reading a teen fiction book for work. It was good. Saturday I took my boys to a Macmillan coffee morning at a local residential home. I was proud of both of them, just 10 and 3, as they […]


My mum disappeared in October 2011. I have always been close to my mum. Mum is kind, dependable and caring. She is also the life and soul of the party. A great friend. A wonderful mum. In my late teens and early twenties, my sister and I would often enjoy having a ‘gathering’ as we […]


I walk out of my sister’s new house smiling. It’s so good to see the place finished and even better to see her happy. She has had no end of trouble with cracked plaster, unreliable workmen and a broken boiler. Now, walls are silky smooth and painted in warm pastels. The new flooring is imminent […]

Inner demon

“Look at the state of you. Yes, you are that big. Look at the size of your stomach! And your bottom! And your arms and legs! You are HUGE! No one is ever going to find you attractive. Who would ever fancy you? Who would want to undress you? You will never find anyone who […]

Mirror Mirror

Two weeks. That’s all. Two weeks. It has felt like an age. First of all, my Internet router broke. And I refused to pay the £40 that Sky wanted to replace it. So I sulked and used up all my phone data then spent time realising how often I am Googling nonsense. I also went […]

Hurting and flirting

I didn’t know he would be there. I turned up at my sister’s house to pick up my son after another great day out with my friend walking. I shouted hello up the stairs and then he appeared. I was startled. Why does he have this effect on me? Lost Soul was warm and friendly. […]