Odd one out

I would normally say that I have good concentration. Today, apparently not. During my meeting today I zoned out for just a second. There are nine people in my team. I happened to catch sight of the beautiful engagement and wedding rings on my colleague’s finger. And, as your mind can do sometimes, my eyes […]

A cream tea and a castle

Yesterday was my second outting of the weekend, and I took my friend to Ruthin Castle in Clwyd. Usually when we go into Wales we go along the coast, visiting Llandudno, Conwy and more recently Anglesey. I was a little concerned that Ruthin wouldn’t have the natural beauty that we love. Boy was I mistaken. […]


I am seething mad this morning. It is Bank Holiday Monday, and I have made myself get up at 6.15am as normal. But that’s not why I am mad. This weekend was my first social weekend in some time. It turns out that since my breakdown and Dad’s illness in October, I haven’t seen one […]


I once read a book which talked about coincidences. My mum was very much into Spiritualism at the time and recommended into me. It was less about Spiritualism as such (mediums and clairvoyance etc) and more about our relationship with the natural world. They advocated spending time with nature, eating simple organic food, meditation…. And […]

Nothing to report

Life has settled back down to its usual rhythm. Dad is stable for now. He has little energy to do much but each day does a little more for himself. I’m still not convinced he truly realises the extent of his condition but none of us are sure that now is the time to tell […]


It’s nearly midnight. I’ve just come to bed to find that my 11 year old son has been on his Xbox when I thought he was asleep. He doesn’t cope very well with being caught out or being in the wrong. Quickly, he tries to push the blame on me. I have no energy or […]

Valuing time

Not long after the ambulance had pulled away, my other sister (my youngest sibling was supporting Dad in the ambulance) arrived. I quickly went over the evening’s events again. Looking at her, I could see the worry and grief of a month of Dad’s illness in her face, her eyes, her posture. I know she […]

Morning light

The sky was crystal clear last night: dense, blue, endless. As I gazed up at its depths, stars seemed to appear one by one. The world was a blanket of blues and black, the awakening sun just beginning to turn the horizon into a golden pale azure, striking against the houses and trees in silhouette. […]

Oh how the mighty do fall…

I’m going for lighthearted tonight. Dad is still ill but still with us. I don’t want to write about it tonight but will update soon. A few years ago, I had to visit another establishment as part of my job. The place was somewhere I knew well but hadn’t visited in a while. (I’m being […]