One said he loved me

One said he loved me, but played me like a game,

One said he loved me, but loved another just the same,

One said loved me, but later laughed upon my face,

One said he loved me, then disappeared without a trace.

When you say you love me, don’t be surprised if I do fear.

When you say you love me, speak to my heart not just my ear.

When you say you love me, say it loud so the world does know,

For perhaps when you say you love me, I won’t be afraid you’ll go.


Scent – 15th April, 2020 (daily prompt)

I’m sure there is nothing quite as evocative as scent. Smells take us to far off places and times – instant time travel.

Take cinnamon and orange. For me, this is the smell of Christmas.

Lemon and olive oil, mint, cumin- my travels to Morocco.

Sweet peas, roses, jasmine and honeysuckle- warm summer evenings in the garden.

Chocolate – Easter morning or birthdays eating slabs of sticky chocolate cake.

And there are scents which remind you of people…

Golden Virginia tobacco and soap – my Dad.

Lavender – my nana.

Johnson and Johnson baby products – my children when they were babies.

Lynx Africa – my first kiss with my first childhood crush.

And then there are the smells which simply make a place….

The smell of the sea.

The freshness and earthiness of a forest.

Candyfloss and doughnuts – a fairground.

The smell of chlorine in a swimming pool.

And then there are smells which are just amazing in their own right….

A wood fire on a summer’s evening.

Freshly cut pine.

Bread, just out the oven.

Sweet hay as you feed your horse.

Garlic and onion frying.

The first hit of citrus when you break the skin of an orange.

Tomato plants in a greenhouse.

Herbs when you brush past them… Sage, rosemary, coriander.

Clean sheets on a newly made bed.

The pages of an old book.

Scent… The most evocative of the senses.

Bite – 11th April, 2020 (daily prompt)

His hand brushes back my hair, exposing my neck. My heart pounds in my chest. Dark eyes locked with mine, he smiles slightly. Slowly, he lowers his head to my neck. He stops just before his lips touch my skin, building the anticipation. My body shivers.
Slowly, deliberately, soft lips press into my skin setting off an explosion of sensations to every part of my body. I gasp, slightly, but don’t move. I know what is coming.
His tongue caresses my skin. A moan escapes my lips. But I don’t move. I know what is coming.
He pulls away slightly. I close my eyes. Hold my breath.
I know what is coming.
A little laugh escapes from him. He knows I want this as much as he does.  I feel him lower himself back to my neck and I wait. I hold my breath and I wait.
His teeth sink into my neck. For a second there is pain, sharp and intense…but almost instantly, it fades.  Pleasure-pain fills my senses. I am frozen, captive. His mark is branded on my skin now, for everyone to see: I am his. I am his possession as he possesses me.
His body tenses and then releases. He drinks my blood and we come undone.


Bees dance around steadfast violet blooms,

which flutter in the summer breeze and

adorn your ancient stones like amethyst.The river trickles;

The birds chirp and chirrup

a fanfare whilst the occasional caw

of the midnight crow echoes in the falling towers.

Two trees stand sentry.

You are stark yet beautiful in your cloak of purple blooms:

A golden carpet lying at your feet.Are you lonely there on the Eden hillside –

Or are you content with your piece of English heaven?

How many footfalls have you heard, whispers of fabric brushing on the ground?

What laughter, or what cries in pain have echoed in your long forgotten hallways?


Earthly fingers trace in awe your lichen covered walls;

cameras click, voices whisper supposingly.

Sleep, gentle giant

and dream of knights

and ladies and the past.