Just a quick report..

I am at camp whilst the others have gone to the stage for the last song of a great band.

I can report that Lost Soul is up to his old tricks:

Talking about other women – check

Reminiscing about the past – check

Reminding me about times we were intimate – check

Purposeful talking about things I like – check

Reminiscing about books we both read and shared in the past – check

I am in dangerous territory but then I remember, I’m too old for these games and they only lead to heartbreak. Don’t go there!

Camping continued…

A chilly but enjoyable evening was had in site at the festival. Lost Soul did not appear. ☺

Therefore I was able to relax and enjoy my strawberry and cloudy lemonade gin and have a laugh with my sisters and brother in law.

I am sat in the sunshine, coffee in hand, listening to the wailing of a guitar and enjoying nursing my delicate head.

Lost soul is on the way. I had a conversation with him on the phone before – I was the only one free to speak to him – and it was business as usual. The chat was friendly and I feel better. The paper bag is waiting though. 🤓