Slow snow

It’s snowing!

Somehow, my area has pretty much missed the snow so far this winter. Further north, the Lake District and Cumbria have been hit a number of times, as has the South. But despite a few minor flurries, we have been snowless.

Snow is a big deal round here. Of course there is the excitement of snowball fights and snowmen and the possibility of a snow day. Then there is the worry and concern of the state of the roads. Britain panics when it snows, even with modern technology and knowledge. Bizarre.

It struck me as I sat here, that those initial and overriding feelings of excitement and/or panic mean that you miss the absolute true beauty and tranquility of snow. I’m watching those little flakes swirl and dance as they fall and it is so beautiful.

(It seems to be falling quite fast but the flakes are really small. It’s like snow in a snow globe. I love the massive flakes that fall too: soft, memorising fluff.)

I realised that is this not often the way of life? That you become overwhelmed by your initial thoughts and feelings to the detriment of feelings pondered on later? Fear and worry take over, dominating sense and calm. It’s easy to say from my position of course, sat snuggly on my couch with the benefit of a slower pace of life courtesy of a breakdown and a sicknote. I’m sure if I was at work I would be feeling differently.

Speaking of which, I’ve had a week of good days! This has been my longest period of positivity and has to be a good sign. 😊 I’ve been productive too and am steadily working through the list of things I want to achieve before I return.

Yesterday I made myself go shopping but further afield than usual. Going out of the house is still an issue so travelling further was a goal. It wasn’t too bad in the end.

So, whatever you are doing today, take time to stop and think. Acknowledge your initial and dominating feelings, but give yourself time to consider the feelings under the surface. I actually think these are the most important.