I’m a light sleeper, so when my phone rang at 1am I jumped up and reached down at the end of my bed to see what time it was ans who was calling.

Bleary eyed, I saw that it was 12.55am and that it was a private number. For some reason that my asleep brain could only answer, I hit the green button.

A female voice answered. An unknown female voice.

I can’t remember exactly what she said, but it was along the lines of:

“Why does my boyfriend have your number on his phone?”

Remembering that I had just been rudely awakened, the following thoughts tumbled into my brain:

Who the hell is this?

Does she have the right person?

Is she calling from her boyfriend’s phone? There’s no way Wild Card is with someone we else right now.

Why has some random man got my number?

Why is she trawling through her boyfriend’s phone?

I could be his bank manager for all she knows.

So, being the intelligent and fast thinking woman that I am, I replied:


Yeah, I didn’t know what else to say.

I think she may have repeated the question. I know I repeated ‘hello’. She then put the phone down.

What the???

For a start, I haven’t spoken to any other man than Wild Card since Jan, and before that was Second only. Sure there were a few when I was dabbling in online dating but that was eight or nine months ago! Who the hell still has my number?

Turns out, quite a few. Scrolling through WhatsApp there are many strange faces staring back at me.

Even so, without contact evidence she has clearly gone through his phone book. I could have been anyone!!